Brighton Rock – Penguin Books

Animated extract from Graham Greene's classic novel Brighton Rock.

I recently had the pleasure of working on an extract from Graham Greene's Brighton Rock, for the lovely people at Penguin Books and Fremantle Media.
Graham Greene has always been a favourite of mine, his writing peopled by characters with a vivid internal life, none so vivid and visceral as Pinkie Brown. This extract lives in Pinkie’s head, as his mind flits through memories and thoughts of his violent sins. He revels in each, steeling himself for more, when we at last see something of the real Pinkie.
This Pinkie lives in shadow, as a silhouette. We only get occasional glimpses of him, his fragments of thought only ever partially illuminating the furious, conflicted mind inside. Like Rose, we think we know him, but we can’t really ever see all of him at once.
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